2020 is about to end, and for that reason, we remember one of the best cosplays we saw this year. How could it be otherwise, one of them belongs to the Dragon Ball universe and one of the most popular characters, especially in its adult version.


We talk about Trunks, the son of Vegeta and Bulma, whose version of the future became the crush of many, as well as the idol of others. We are sure that more than one person reading this, tried to imitate the hair of this saiyan, or at least his style of dressing.

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Today’s honor cosplay, evidently of Trunks and his version of the future, is courtesy of the artist who you can find on Instagram as @nutshellcosplay, who can be considered a true shapeshifting master due to her cosplays of both female characters as masculine.

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Without further ado, we present to you this cosplay that debuted just at the beginning of 2020:

In the description, the cosplayer points out that she finished making this costume during New Year 2020, she also commented a bit about the wig she used and the way to style it.

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She really managed to copy Akira Toriyama’s design style in real life, reminding us once again how amazing a good outfit and excellent makeup skills can be.

This is an older version, before I add all the details to it.
Nutshell Cosplay has other characters, both from animations such as Sailor Moon and Howl’s Moving Castle, to various Disney movies, such as Tinkerbell and Sleeping Beauty, as well as video games, either Final Fantasy VII or Kingdom Hearts.


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