Spanish artist Iago Valino has created a futuristic motorcycle concept design for BMW called Motorrad ESMC Off-Road. The design is impressive, although some technical details still require work.

We have already transferred to you the concept designs of cars or smart phones from here. These possessed futuristic styles, sometimes unlikely to be released by companies, and sometimes have realistic designs based on the information available.

The design that we will convey to you in this news is about the first category, the concept design that has a futuristic style. Spanish artist Iago Valino has prepared a very interesting concept design for the future BMW motorcycle.

BMW Motorrad ESMC Off-Road

This futuristic design, prepared by the Spanish artist for the German automaker, is still under development and technical points such as suspension and frame rigidity need to be studied. It should also be said that the BMW Motorrad ESMC Off-Road motorcycle is quite interesting despite this.

When we examine the design, it is seen that the part that is normally reserved for the passengers to ride is designed to put various tools. Apart from that, BMW Motorrad ESMC Off-Road appears to have quite thick wheels, LED headlight, an intermediate share and 18.7 kWh battery.

There is a modern accent on the entire design of the motorcycle. Transparent fenders, minimal speedometer and powder color paint on the motorcycle reinforce this modern design emphasis. You can examine this futuristic motorcycle design that the artist made for BMW in more detail on the behance profile.

How did you find this motorcycle design by Iago Valino for BMW? What other details could be added to the design in your opinion? Is there a possibility that such a motorcycle will become a reality? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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