Attracting attention with its design, the Amazfit X release date has been announced. With the increasing use of wearable technology products, new designs continue to be developed. One of the most preferred models of this type is smart watches.

Smart watches are taking more place in our lives. There are smartwatches of major phone manufacturers, as well as watches that appear with crowdfunding such as Indiegogo.

Amazfit X release date announced
Amazing designs for smart watches continue to come. Smartwatch maker Huami also shared the release date of his smartwatch, where he previously shared some information. The clock will show itself on Indiegogo crowdfunding. The crowdfunding system established in 2008 hosts different designed products.

On the page prepared on Indiegogo, the Amazfit X release date was shared as April 28, 19.25 (TSI). The site, which attracts a lot of attention in the USA, seems to be working specifically for the new smartwatch. In addition, some information about the new model was shared on the prepared page.

When looking at the features, the design of the screen draws attention first. The new smart watch will have a curved structure. The smart watch, as thin as a bracelet, seems to have a wrist-like appearance. The screen, which is 2.07 inches in size, has a lithium screen with a 92 degree curve.

AMOLED has 326 ppi pixel density on the screen. The screen, which has a brightness of 430 nits, has a 12.5 mm push-sensitive button.

Along with these, application notifications will appear on the watch with the phone pairing. The watch numbers are eagerly awaited, with heart rhythm tracking, active monitoring modes, hidden buttons and controls.

The smart watch will meet users with a 220 mAh battery capable of operating itself for 7 days.


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