The deadline for the awards to be distributed as part of the G.Skill Membership Program is approaching. By the end of the month, when you register your current G.Skill components, you will have a chance to win prizes.

Taiwan’s G.Skill, the recognized name for performance-oriented memory products and overclocking records; awaits the participants within the membership program. Time has been reduced to apply for membership awards under the program.

G.Skill Membership Program
There are countless consumers worldwide who own G.Skill products, and the membership program, which started at the end of November, aims to bring these consumers together. As part of the program, users can register their products, share their experiences and receive updates on G.Skill. They will also be able to have a say in overclocking and esports organizations in the near future.

There is also a gift campaign in honor of the start of the membership program. Within the scope of the campaign, users will have the opportunity to win from G.Skill memory sets and other products according to their membership level.

By joining the membership program, users will register G.Skill products and collect points. The points collected will determine the level of membership. While the basic level is VIP, there are higher levels such as VIP Gold and VIP Platinum. The rewards for each level are separate. More than 100 G.Skill gifts will be distributed according to these levels. The deadline for the campaign is February 1, 2021.


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