One of Samsung’s next Galaxy A series phones will apparently be the Galaxy A22 5G. Moreover, the A22 will be the cheapest 5G phone.



If you follow the developments in the mobile world closely, you will remember the Galaxy A32 5G model introduced in January. The phone, released as Samsung’s cheapest 5G phone, will apparently lose that title to the Galaxy A22 5G.

Galaxyclub site, known for its proximity to Samsung, reported some improvements about the A22 5G smartphone. The launch date of the phone remains uncertain for now, but the phone will begin to appear in the coming weeks, accompanied by leaks.

What will the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G offer?

The first information that Samsung is preparing the GalaxyA22 5G model actually started to come in December. The phone whose primary target will be the Asian market is an ODM, that is, it will be produced by another company and branded by Samsung.

The phone, which previously passed the certification process with the model number SM-A225B, will also meet with European users. For the time being, the color options of the phone will be white, gray, light green and purple; On the other hand, in the processor unit, Dimensity 720 will be among the incoming information. If we take the GalaxyA32 5G as a reference, the A22 5G model will have an HD + resolution display, triple rear camera and a battery of at least 5,000 mAh.

Speaking of the Galaxy A series, Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 models this month. Phones that will be equipped with IP68 certification, 5G connectivity and 120Hz display will be among the most ambitious models of their segment.

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