With the widespread use of 5G technology, this connection technology began to come from flagships to the middle segment. Samsung is now planning to bring 5G to the mid-segment A-series with the Galaxy A32 5G model. The phone, which will be introduced in the coming days, came up with an interesting camera setup today.



As you know, the camera setups on the back of the phones have a protruding bezel. However, with the A32, this framework is being removed. In other words, only the back surface will have the lens. There will be no part framing the lens. This design, which will drive those with tripophobia crazy, seems to be talked about a lot and will divide people in two.

Samsung will use a 48 Megapixel lens in the main camera and position the other lenses in the form of ultra-wide angle and macro lenses. The phone, which will come in white, black, blue and purple color options, will have a 6.5-inch LCD panel.

Samsung will use the LCD panel to keep the price affordable, so it will physically position the fingerprint reader. The phone, which will be powered by MediaTek’s Dimensity 720 chipset, will have 4 GB of RAM. The price of the phone, which will offer a large storage with 64 GB and 128 GB internal storage, is not yet known.

Samsung will likely sell this model for $ 300-350 to strengthen its mid-segment hand.


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