Galaxy A50 News: South Korean technology giant Samsung is also on the agenda with updates. The June 2021 security patch has been released for the Galaxy A50.



Update news from Samsung, the leader of the smartphone industry, continues to come. The company, which was also in our news with its foldable phone model yesterday, found its place with its update today. The phone manufacturer, which will introduce some of its foldable phone models in the third quarter of 2021, is also working on its updates. The company, which has been the subject of our news with dozens of different devices and hundreds of different updates since the beginning of 2021, continues its successful course from where it left off. The company, which is also working on a new virtual assistant, will name this virtual assistant as ‘Sam’. The company has also released an update for the Galaxy A50 today.

As we move towards leaving the second quarter of 2021 behind, the company also continues its updates. The company, which has released an update for the phone model that has sales in our country, reveals that it has not forgotten its users.

Galaxy A50 Receives June 2021 Security Patch

This month, as every month, the Samsung company continues to distribute security patches. The company, which cannot get enough of distributing updates in 2021, does not forget its mid-segment phones. The company, which has released an update for the A50 phone model today, is making people smile again. The update released with the version number A505FDDU8CUE4 for the specified phone model brings with it a number of patches. The update has a larger size compared to other security patches. The net file size of the update was 555.53MB.


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