Samsung’s May 2021 update for Galaxy A52 and A52 5G smartphone models improves the camera capabilities of the devices.

Samsung has released the May 2021 update for Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A52 5G smartphones, which attract attention in the middle segment.

The new software update comes with firmware number A525xXXU2AUE1 for Galaxy A52 and A526BXXU2AUE1 for Galaxy A52 5G. As expected, the main innovation of the update was the current Google security patch that closed some vulnerabilities in the system, but besides that, Samsung added a few more changes to the update package, specifically improving camera performance and features.

New effects for video calls

For example, the developers have improved the sensor and Quick Share functionality as well as the camera. The software also has several new effects for video calls. This feature, which was also recently introduced on the Galaxy A72, allows you to blur or adjust a custom image as a background for video calls made through apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Duo. You can access the relevant option from the phone’s Settings >> Advanced Features menu.

The update has already begun to be received by smartphone users in Europe. In the coming days, it will be available to everyone with these smart phone models.


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