Samsung Galaxy A52 DxOMark camera score announced. Although the site evaluates for the 5G model, it has the same camera unit as 4G.


Focusing more on the developments in the Galaxy A series for the last three years, Samsung has included very important developments in the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 models announced this year. IP68 certification, stereo speakers and telephoto camera on Galaxy A72 are among them. Speaking of camera; Galaxy A52 DxOMark camera result announced. Although the site evaluates the A52 5G model with a more expensive and better processor in the test center, it has the same camera package as the 4G model. First of all, let’s talk about the important camera features of the phone.

Important camera features:

  • Main camera: 64 megapixels, 81° field of view, f/1.8 aperture lens, OIS
  • Ultra wide-angle camera: 12 megapiskels, 123° field of view, f/2.2 aperture lens
  • Macro camera: 5 megapixel, f/2.4 aperture lens
  • Depth camera: 5 megapixel, f/2.4 aperture lens
  • Video: 2160p/30fps

Galaxy A52 DxOMark Camera Score Announced

Galaxy A52 5G achieves an average of 102 points according to the evaluation of the site. With an average score of 107 for photo quality and 90 for video quality, the phone appears to be at the level of Google Pixel 3, iPhone XR and Galaxy Note 9. When it comes to the Galaxy A52 5G photo quality, it seems to be on the same score as the iPhone XS Max. Some of the pros and cons of the camera review are as follows:


Accurate target exposure in evenly lit photos and videos
Vibrant colors in indoor and outdoor photos
Good representation of detail and noise in preview
High detail in outdoor photos
Accurate depth estimation and nice effect in bokeh photos
Well controlled noise in outdoor and indoor video
Accurate white balance and color rendering in outdoor videos

Loud noise in low-light photos
Indecisions exposed in videos
Autofocus errors and instabilities in photos and videos
Underexposure in photos with the flash off
Low detail and high noise in zoomed photos
Underexposed night portraits
Stabilization errors in videos while walking


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