Judging by the images, the Samsung Galaxy A82 5G will be an extraordinary phone. However, the same will not be said about the technical features.



The Samsung Galaxy A82 5G is slowly coming to flesh. If you remember, Samsung used a fully rotatable camera mechanism in the previous model of the series. A more innovative design will be waiting for us in GalaxyA82 5G.

The phone, whose introduction date is currently unknown, started to show itself slowly. GalaxyA82 5G first appeared in the Geekbench benchmark test. This development clarifies the amount of processor unit and memory to be included in the phone.

Samsung Galaxy A82 Overwhelmed With 5G Processor Unit

While manufacturers are starting to use the Snapdragon 870 processor in the mid-top segment models, Samsung will use its preference for a processor two years ago in the A82 model. According to the benchmark test data, the Snapdragon 855 processor will power the GalaxyA82 5G model. Obviously, this processor did not suit the phone, which we will talk about in a moment of design details. Another detail in the benchmark test is that the phone will come with Android 11 operating system.

The images obtained from Samsung’s application to the Patent and Trademark Office showed that the company will use a system that can be scrolled in both directions on the phone. In GalaxyA82 5G, the top panel, which is mostly made up of the screen, can be slid up and down. Here, when the panel is slid down, the front camera and other auxiliary sensors, and when it is slid up, a huge speaker with AKG signature appears.

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When we look at the back of the phone, there is a triple camera package side by side. These cameras are supported by LED flash and laser autofocus sensor.

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