Galaxy Buds 2  News: Samsung’s new wireless earphone model Galaxy Buds 2 was displayed live. Let’s see if there will be innovations in our headphones in terms of design.


South Korean Samsung is expected to add its next product to its line of wireless earbuds soon, called Galaxy Buds 2. Drawings of the earbuds, showing a new design and three color options, were leaked days before the event.

What will Galaxy Buds 2 be like?

This headset, which will be called Buds 2, has a much cleaner uniform design overall, especially when compared to the older Galaxy Buds+ with dual-tone coating. Galaxy Buds 2 appears to have a glossy finish. Also, the outside of the new headset will be round and smooth.

Two microphones appear outside each earpiece. Rumors are that the Buds 2 will feature active noise reduction. However, it is said that this model will not have a transparent mode. The charging case will also have a square design similar to the Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds Live.

For color, Samsung will offer the Galaxy Buds 2 in 4 options: White, Black, Purple and Green. Other rumors suggest that the charging case will have a 500mAh battery inside, and each earbud will have a 60mAh battery. The highly anticipated Galaxy Buds 2 is expected to be announced during the MWC 2021 event on June 28.

It is not known what policy Samsung will follow regarding the price yet. Samsung will not introduce the Galaxy Note 20 series this year, so it will not distribute headphones in pre-order. Therefore, the price of the headset is expected to be at a reasonable level.


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