Galaxy Buds 2 News: Samsung’s new wireless headset Galaxy Buds 2 appeared with the clearest visuals. This time Samsung will rival AirPods.


Galaxy Buds 2, Samsung’s soon-to-be-introduced true wireless earbuds, appeared with the clearest visuals. The headset, whose features are also visible with application support, will come with active noise canceling (ANC). This headset, which is expected to be in the AirPods Pro setting in terms of sound, will be with us in the coming months.

Galaxy Buds 2 features revealed

According to information from Tim Schneeberger; The earbuds will come with features to enable/disable single tap, double tap, triple tap and tap and hold actions separately. According to the leaks; The battery dashboard looks redesigned.

In the screenshot, it is clearly seen that each earphone has a battery with a capacity of 61 mAh and the case has a capacity of 472 mAh. Other settings include an equalizer setting, seamless transition, and a redesigned find my headphones section.

Thanks to the Find My Headphones feature, if you lose your headphones, you will be able to locate them on the map. According to the information, Samsung’s new wireless headset will come in 5 colors: black, white, gray / green, purple and yellow. Galaxy Buds 2 is expected to be released during the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, which will probably be held on August 11.

At this event, where Samsung will introduce its new foldable phones, headphones will probably be given to those who pre-order the phones. With such campaigns, Samsung both increases its sales figures and manages to add users to its portfolio. Finally, it should be noted that this headset will be compatible with both iOS and Android phones.


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