Samsung introduced a new generation of wireless headphones in addition to its S21 launch. Called the Galaxy Buds Pro, this headset has pioneered upgrades in many areas and has been released at a slightly jaw-dropping price. Now, the Korean manufacturer has started offering the first software update.



Galaxy Buds Pro received an update

For Galaxy Buds Pro, which became official just a week ago, the first software update is available. As expected, this software update addresses various optimizations and brings a few innovations. This update for Buds Pro is based on the build number R190XXU0AUA1 and comes in a size of only 2.20mb.

When we look at the change log, Samsung with this update; It adjusts the sound balance for both headphones and also adds a “hearing enhancement” feature. This hearing enhancement feature, which has been added with the update, allows the right and left balance to be adjusted, providing a customization to give more sound to the ear with less sound. In other words, this setting makes it possible to give more sound to your weak ear. Here is the full extent of the changes;

List of changes

  • Hearing enhancement feature added
  • Fixed an imbalance between right / left ear
  • Added improved audible wake-up response for Bixby
  • System stability and reliability increased
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