South Korean technology giant Samsung continues its preparations for the new year at full speed. The giant manufacturer, which will introduce the Galaxy S21 series in early January, will also announce a new generation wireless headset. Everyone already knows what we are talking about. Galaxy Buds Pro we’ve been discussing for weeks;


There have been quite a few topics on our agenda lately. Now there are some prominent news about the price of this headset, apart from its feature. However, it seems that the price of the Galaxy Buds Pro will not be very satisfactory. Because it will have a very high cost compared to the previous ones.

According to a report from the Galaxy Clup source, the new Galaxy Buds Pro will have a price tag of $ 280. This figure will cost more than the Galaxy Buds currently on the market. However, it should not be too surprising. As you remember, Galaxy Buds Live, which is the successor of Galaxy Buds, had a very high cost. But Galaxy Buds Live had alternatives that made it different from the previous Galaxy Buds. Now, Galaxy Buds Pro will have features that will make it different from all other headphones. The new generation active noise canceling feature and many more innovations will be among the highlights of this headset.

Overall, Samsung has come to a better place in wearable technology and wireless headphones business. So if we consider these reasons, we may have to face the rise in price as normal. Because we do not even want to discuss the prices of Airpods.

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