Foldable phones have not been in our lives much. A good news came from analysts about the devices that we did not heat up because of their prices. The phone, which is expected to be affordable, is excited by the price of Galaxy Fold Lite, and the future phone with the powerful processor seems to tempt the competition.

Although Galaxy Fold was one of the models leading a new trend, it was not preferred due to its price. This may change with the new model we expect to be called Lite.

Galaxy Fold Lite will heat up the competition with its price

In July, allegations were made about the phone, which is expected to bear one of the names Lite or Special Edition. According to allegations, we will see two different foldable phones from the Samsung front this year, one of which will be the affordable Fold, and the other will be the 5G model of the Galaxy Z Flip. Talking about the possibility of Galaxy Fold 2 not coming this year, we can face a situation like delaying.

According to SamMobile, which has major leaks about Samsung, the Galaxy Fold Lite price will be around $ 900. According to the main model, which was released two years ago, there is a difference of approximately $ 1000, which means that we will waive some things. The starting price of the Galaxy Z Flip, which we encountered last year, was $ 1380.

We will probably see the Snapdragon 865 processor on the phone, although this processor supports 5G, the phone may not support 5G. It seems that we will also see the ultra-thin screen design we see in Galaxy Z Flip in Galaxy Fold Lite.

Samsung is not the only company working on an affordable foldable phone, Huawei can also announce its own phone within a few months. Let’s see how this competition will reflect on phone prices.


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