Expected release date for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has been announced. With the announcement of the release date, the synergy that will be established between the Galaxy Note 20 and the S Pen feature is curious.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will surprise with S Pen feature

The South Korean company, which produces an S Pen for each Galaxy Note model, has not changed the functionality of this pen in recent years. Including only some minor changes, Samsung seems to change this strategy this time around.

Twitter user “Jimmy is Promo” who leaked the images of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra shared another photo. In this photo, we see the S 20 with the Note 20 model. The pen of the new flagship will be different from the others.

When we take a look at the image, the following sentence is displayed on the screen: “To move the tip (cursor) of the pen, press and hold the button of the S Pen and move your pen.” Also below are the settings that select the cursor speed, the size of the cursor and the color of the cursor.

These settings, which Windows users are familiar with, are known as settings for a computer mouse. It looks like this S Pen will give users the ability to navigate the screen, just like a computer mouse. Moreover, there is another feature that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 S Pen.

S Pen is said to be used as a laser pointer device in PowerPoint presentations. This feature can also be used in presentations prepared on the computer via PowerPoint.

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