Samsung is currently making a name for itself with the new Galaxy S21 series, but thanks to DxOMark, it is returning to its previous flagship Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Today, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra appeared before users with DxOMark test. The performance of the Note 20 Ultra on the front camera side was quite curious.



Although the future of the Galaxy Note series does not seem bright with the Galaxy S series, which has gained S Pen support, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is still a very ambitious option for those looking for a high-end model. Note 20 Ultra, which hosts extremely successful cameras, was put on the table by DxOMark, so to speak.

While the test result for the rear cameras was announced recently, the model was tested with its front camera this time. DxOMark, which evaluated the Snapdragon and Exynos processor options, which are among the criticized policies of Samsung, came out with two different points in both variations.

But first, let’s remember how many points the rear cameras of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra got. Samsung’s pen monster managed to get 120 points with the Exynos variation, while the Snapdragon variation was on the list with 117 points. With these points, it is already in the 18th and 25th place on the list.

As a small detail, let’s also mention that the Galaxy Note 20 Exynos variation is ahead of the Snapdragon Note 20 Ultra with 120 points.

When we came to the front cameras, Galaxy Note 20 got 100 points with the Ultra Exynos variation, while the Snapdragon variation got 97 points from the DxOMark team.

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In this case, the Mate 40 Pro maintains its top position with 104 points, while the P40 Pro is second with 103 points, the ZenFone 7 Pro is third with 101 points, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra Exynos, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Exynos and Huawei Nova 6 5G share the fourth place with 100 points each. Snapdragon variation is positioned 7th.


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