Galaxy Note 20 is getting ready to use the newly developed system in fingerprint technology. It is stated that the new system developed by processor manufacturer Qualcomm will be on Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

Previously, details about the display features of the model were also revealed. New features, especially screen refresh rate, are expected to affect users.

Galaxy Note 20 fingerprint will be improved
Details about the new model continue to leak. Now there is news about the security system that the new model will have. It is said that the fingerprint will be better than the system currently used after a short while after the details of the screen leak.

The newly developed Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max fingerprint reader will serve as the Galaxy Note 20 fingerprint for the first time. This feature has never been used on any model before. With the technology that has the ability to read ultrasonic fingerprints, it will be easier to detect special movements.

This is how the image of the fingerprint reader published by Qualcomm. The size of the area where the sensor is located attracts attention.

3D Sonic Max, which is larger than the fingerprints embedded in the screen used today, has the opportunity to read two fingers at the same time. It will be ensured that the name-specific finger movements are read in such a large area. Also, reading the fingerprint faster is among the features of the new system.

The use of the new model will be more comfortable for users with 3D touches. The model, which has advanced display features, will also have advanced features in terms of security.


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