In the first days of January, the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, which received the Android 11-based OneUI 3.0 update, had to return to the old version at the end of the two-week period. At least the company was able to pull back this update, raising the pulse of the users. So why was this update for the Galaxy S10 series withdrawn?



While the update on OTA presented many innovations to the old admiral, in addition to the heating problems experienced in the release, the problems on the photo and video side pushed the company to take a step. While there is no official statement on the subject yet, it is unknown when the update will be released again.

What’s New With One UI 3.0 Introduced to Galaxy S10 Series

Main monitor

Touch and hold an app to add an associated widget
You can turn off the screen by double-clicking an empty screen on the login screen. To open it, go to Settings> Advanced features> Gestures options.

Lock screen

New categories have been added to the dynamic lock screen. You can now choose more than one. In addition, the lock screen widgets have been improved.

Quick panel

By swiping down from the top of the screen, you will be able to see your conversations and media more comfortably in your own section.


Always-on screen widgets have been improved.


Get quick access to the most important accessibility settings during device setup.
You can customize the accessibility shortcut more easily in settings
The sound detectors will work with SmartThings devices such as TVs and lights to provide more visibility.

Samsung Keyboard

You will now be able to find your keyboard settings more easily under general management. Moreover, you will be able to get the settings you want to the front row.

Samsung DeX

You will be able to connect to supported televisions wirelessly.
With the new touchpad multiple gestures, you will be able to change the screen zoom and font size more easily.


Added feature to prevent websites from redirecting you when you tap the back button. – Alerts and blocking options have been added for websites that show too many popups or notifications.
Menus reorganized to make things easier to find
Finally, several plugins have been included on their website.
Added option to hide status bar for an immersive browsing experience.
You will now be able to open up to 99 tabs.
Added ability to lock and reorder tabs.
Samsung Internet edge panel support has ended.

Contacts and Phone

A new toolbar has been added for you to quickly delete duplicate contacts.
Search experience has been improved.


It recently created a Trash bin to store deleted messages.
Call and Text Message on other devices

With Bixby Routines, the ability to turn Search and text on or off on other devices has been added.


Events with the same start time are now displayed together in month and agenda view.
Options for adding and editing events have been reorganized.
Layouts for fullscreen alerts have been improved.


Improved layout for fullscreen alerts.


Digital health and Parental controls

Trends have been added to your weekly report. You will be able to see how your usage has changed since the previous week and check your usage time for each feature.
Phone usage time while driving has been added to the weekly report.
Lock screen has been added to the widget that allows you to keep track of your screen time without unlocking the phone.


Improved auto focus and auto exposure functionality and usability.
Improved stabilization when taking photos of the moon at high zoom levels
photo editor

The ability to revert edited images to their original version has been added.


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