Samsung canceled the launch of the Galaxy S20 + 5G Olympics Games Edition due to the coronavirus pandemic. The limited edition cell phone would be delivered to athletes participating in the 2020 Olympic Games, but later on, the manufacturer also decided to offer it to the Japanese public starting in July.

With the consequent postponement of the event to only 2021, the company preferred to put it aside (and avoid a possible sales failure). The model followed the same design and specifications as the top-of-the-line family. However, it would have a golden color, an Olympic symbol on the rear and a unique configuration of 12 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5G Olympics Games Edition was going to be marketed by Japanese operator NTT Docomo for 114,840 yen (about R $ 6,039 in today’s direct conversion and without taxes). As a comparison, the common version of the series can be found in the country for 113,000 yen (about R $ 5,940 in direct conversion).

The South Korean giant is expected to prepare a new smartphone to honor international competition through the next series of smartphones (perhaps named as Galaxy S30). However, we still don’t know if it will be launched to the final consumer again.


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