With the introduction of 108 Megapixel cameras in our lives, criteria such as taking photographs like binoculars and keeping the quality of zoooms have become very important. There is a huge difference between the features we look for in Android phones that came out 5-6 years ago and the point we have reached today. Of course, our needs are changing with the developing technology. Starting with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Mi Note 10, this 108 MP race continues between the S21 and Mi 11 and Mi Note 11.



It would be more correct to focus on the competition between last year’s phones rather than the competition between new models, which are quite expensive in 2021. It should be noted here that both devices use Samsung sensors: Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX and ISOCELL Bright HM1. Either way, it is of course a Quad Bayer sensor with sub-pixels grouped into clusters of four.

In general, we see that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra gives a warmer color, but the Mi Note 10 is much better at detecting details. In low light mostly Xiaomi has less noise. Samsung displays a brighter and richer picture in cooler colors and Xiaomi in dimmer and warmer colors. Although both of them use the Samsung sensor, we see that Xiaomi is at the forefront with the influence of the software.

Samsung can sometimes have problems with auto focus. However, sometimes when you need to zoom in and look at an object, Samsung can come to the fore. It sometimes does very well in both saturation and clarity. For example;

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Here we see that Samsung is doing very well. Better results can now be obtained with software updates, but we can say that the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is much more successful in terms of price performance.


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