Samsung is working on an update to correct a flaw identified by some Galaxy S20 Ultra owners in recent weeks. Apparently, a bug causes the device’s screen to gain a kind of green filter, impairing the visualization of multimedia content and generating a strange aspect for navigation in general.

According to the SamMobile website, the manufacturer acknowledged the flaw in an official statement, but explained that it only appears “on a very limited number” of devices. The error was caused by some incompatibility generated by the April security update sent to the models.

According to consumer reports, the error happens when you’re running certain apps and the display is set to 120 Hz refresh rate. Suddenly, that value drops in half and the screen’s brightness drops below 30%, in addition to generating a kind of greenish filter that occupies the entire panel. Most cases were identified in the Galaxy S20 Ultra models with the Exynos 990 processor.

For now, there is no forecast for the arrival of the download and, if you have identified the color change on your device, just lock the screen refresh rate at 60 Hz until the new firmware is released to avoid the bug.

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