Galaxy S21 is bad news for Samsung’s new flagship. WhatsApp stopped working on Galaxy S21. So why? Here are the details.


Samsung’s new favorite Galaxy S21 seems to be facing a problem with WhatsApp. On Reddit and Samsung’s official forum, some Galaxy S21 users started complaining about whether they were able to send or receive messages on WhatsApp. However, this issue seems to affect the web version for now.

Some S21 family users say that WhatsApp’s web application is frequently disconnected from their smartphones. After disconnection, he sees the following message on WhatsApp’s desktop and web applications “Attempting to Reach the Phone. Make sure your phone has an active internet connection. ”

Although users say to try this warning over and over again, unfortunately, the connection cannot be established.

This issue may be related to Samsung’s battery optimization technique, which prevents the app from receiving notifications in real time by switching unused apps to sleep mode when the phone is locked. WhatsApp’s FAQ section says that the disconnection problem occurs when the internet connection is unstable or the smartphone app is cut off in the background.

Despite disabling the battery optimization feature, allowing background network activity (even in battery saver mode), and reinstalling WhatsApp on their Galaxy S21 series smartphones, some users still have a disconnection issue. Some users have even tried the factory reset method to see if the issue still occurs. However, there was no result from it either.

It is said that this problem is also experienced in other Galaxy models with Android 11-based One UI 3.1 interface. Samsung is probably disabling WhatsApp in the background to improve battery life. Therefore, users cannot use the web version and they cannot see notifications without entering the application. Samsung is expected to release an update for this issue very soon.

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