Galaxy S21 News; Samsung has released the expected update for the Galaxy S21 today. With the update, the camera now works more stable. Here are the details.


Samsung has started rolling out a new update for its Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra phones. The new update was expected to be released earlier this month. However, to fix the camera problems, Samsung had to delay this update for a few weeks. The update, which solved the critical problems in the S21 family, albeit late, was released via OTA today.

Galaxy S21 now runs more smoothly

Recently, S21 series owners were experiencing very noticeable slowdowns and performance related issues in the camera app. The South Korean manufacturer admitted that the camera application began to slow down due to incorrect memory usage when using portrait mode or zooming.

With the update, the camera portrait mode problems are resolved. Users can also scan QR codes from the built-in gallery app. At the same time, the quality of video calls is also improved.

With this update, Samsung says it has solved the overheating problem in its new monsters. We think that this update, which is offered via OTA and offered in stages as in every Android update.

We can say that Samsung’s stability in the update is tearing. As the update comes to your phone, there does not appear to be any problem in installing it for now. It is very pleasing that the overheating problem is solved, especially in these summer days when the phone overheats and the battery makes cold water. On the camera side, Samsung, which has not been close to its competitors for a long time, will take action on this issue next year. The rumors will probably be true and Samsung will sign with lens giant Olympus to boost the Galaxy S22’s camera.


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