Samsung’s new favorite Galaxy S21 family has become official recently. Galaxy S21 Plus, the median member of the series consisting of three different models, was put on the table by PBKreivews and the Galaxy S21 Plus was disassembled.



In the model, which comes with quite ambitious features, Samsung offered it as an option for those who want single and dual SIM card support as in previous models. However, it seems that this time it followed a much different path than previous models.

PBKreivews, which dismantled the Galaxy S21 Plus, faced a surprising situation. This time, Samsung did not go to an external design for Dual SIM cards and used the same hardware for both models.

So if you buy a Galaxy 21 Plus with a single SIM card, you will be able to use your phone with a dual SIM card if you make the necessary software changes with a SIM card tray that allows you to use dual SIM cards.

Note that in this case, it is valid for the 5G model with the mmWave antenna using the Exynos processor.

In addition, unlike the Galaxy S21, the back panel is made of glass in the Galaxy S21 Plus and the camera protrusion is glued here.


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