It seems that there will be a great dynamism in the smartphone market with the new year. Although we see that users are moving away from flagship phones in 2020, it seems that it will not be like this next year. Galaxy S21 Plus, the new model of the Galaxy S20 series, which was described as a “stillborn baby” last year, leaked again today with its new images.



We have shared leakage images of the phone before, but when we look at this image, we can clearly see that the phone is working. When we look at it from the front, if we say we could not see the slightest difference with the Galaxy S20 series, we would not say anything wrong. In the middle of the screen, the selfie camera and the side frames look exactly the same in terms of design. We can say that the frames look a little thinner, but it is not possible to understand this from these images.

We see that phone manufacturers have recently been locked into the same designs. There were nice pop-up cameras for a while and we could have a full screen experience. Today, we can see this perforated screen structure called Infinty-O by Samsung in the same way in the Galaxy A21 and the Galaxy S21. Obviously, we see that the real change is in the back. Samsung is presenting a new triple camera design. This camera structure, which looks like a Lego piece attached to the phone, can at least show a difference with different color contrast.

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