The Galaxy S21 price, which will be introduced in January, has already appeared. After these prices, you don’t say iPhone 12 is expensive anymore.



Samsung will be quick this year to take the leadership seat it thinks will be vacated from Huawei. Samsung, which normally introduces the flagship model in February of every year, will appear with the Galaxy S21 family in January 2021. Days before the introduction of the phone, the Galaxy S21 price emerged today.

As you know, 12 Turkey iPhone price had shocked everyone. The price of the iPhone 12 was compared to the phones introduced when the dollar and euro did not jump that much at the beginning of 2020. But this is the world’s biggest mistake. Because new phones will enter our country from this level.

Let’s get back to the prices of the S21 family. According to the leaked list, the price of the S21 will be 849 Euros, the price of the S21 Plus will be 1,049 Euros and the price of the S21 Ultra will be 1,349 Euros.

If you want to buy a flagship nowadays, we recommend that you go to Snapdragon 865 instead of Snapdragon 888. There is not a world of difference between the two processors. But, unfortunately, the prices are on the rise.


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