It is stated that Samsung has followed a successful graph with its Galaxy S21 sales in the first quarter of the year. In addition, the electrical appliances industry grew in the first quarter.

One of the companies that increased their sales during the pandemic period is Samsung. Samsung is also satisfied with the sales of smartphones, which made successful sales especially on the television and tablet side last year.

How much are Samsung New Year revenues?
According to analysts’ research, Samsung’s new year’s first quarter operating profit will be around $ 8.5 billion. The Galaxy S21 series of the company, which achieved an increase of around 45 percent, played an important role in this.

The phones released from the Galaxy A and Galaxy M series along with the Galaxy S21 series became the locomotives. It is stated that Samsung reached a market share of around 23 percent in the first quarter. After Apple’s performance, the new peak will be determined.

It is stated that the company, which has made such a high profit for the first time since 2018, has made important sales in the home appliances sector as well as smartphones. However, the production shortage experienced due to the power outage in the state of Texas has decreased semiconductor revenues.


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