South Korean technology giant Samsung will announce the highly anticipated Galaxy S21 series flagships tomorrow. We can say that there are hours left for us to have Samsung models with Exynos 2100 and Snapdragon 888. However, even in the last second, leaks will not stop. After the images that appeared on the company’s official website just yesterday, a few more pictures have now been leaked showing that the devices have new color options.



We had previously encountered leaks that showed the color options of the Galaxy S21 series. However, the beautiful color options that emerged today have never been encountered before. Here is the color riot of Samsung’s new flagships;

According to the information received, there will be several more options in the S21 series, which will be called “special colors”. In other words, regional colors that we have been familiar with for many years will be sold according to different countries. Accordingly, Galaxy S21 Ultra will have two more color options in addition to black and silver. These; It will consist of black + titanium + gray + silver and brown options. There will be no change in the S21, which is the entry model. However, the Galaxy S21 Plus in the middle of them will come in a pink and unique red color option.

How did you find the new colors? What color model will you get when the devices go on sale? Indicate in the comments.


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