Samsung’s long awaited phones Galaxy S21 series will be officially introduced next week. These phones, which we learned all the technical details with their leaks, now come to light with the date of their arrival in the stores.



As you know, Samsung will release the Galaxy S21 series models on January 14th. Thus, the company will have launched a smartphone for the first time at such an early time. Because the pandemic process caused a lot of damage to the Korean manufacturer. Of course, Samung will seek to cover its losses by introducing its new products as soon as possible. When will these phones arrive in stores?

The highly anticipated S21 series will be available in regular stores on January 29, according to reports. However, we would like to emphasize that these sales will be in Western European countries first.

As you know, Samsung will start taking pre-orders for the S21 series on January 14th. Of course, the company will offer various offers to attract early buyers. For example, users who pre-order the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be able to get the 230 Euro Galaxy Buds Pro for free. However, it should be noted that this will be limited to the S21 Ultra only. For other models, the previous Galaxy Buds Live headphones will be sent as a gift. In addition to all these, the company’s new tracking device will be offered to all S21 users free of charge in the Smart Tag.


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