South Korean Samsung appeared with the highly anticipated Galaxy S21 family last week. The hidden features of the S21 family, which managed to attract attention with its features, gradually began to be revealed. It looks like Samsung will make huge strides in privacy this year.



Samsung’s new flagship makes it safer for users to share images with other people nearby or on the internet. S21 users will be able to choose to remove GPS location data from their photos with a single tap before sharing them with other people. When sharing their photos, all they need to do is select the “Remove location data” option and then choose their preferred sharing service.


GPS data can be deleted from EXIF ​​with Galaxy S21

After this process, the location information is extracted from the EXIF ​​data of the image. While users can remove location data from photos using numerous third-party apps on the Play Store, having this feature built in will make it accessible to a lot more users.

Samsung Private Sharing New phones also come with several new security features. S21 users; If they want more control over who can view their photos, videos, documents and other files and how long they can access them, they can also use the Private Sharing feature.

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Galaxy S21

Samsung will apparently continue to make important moves in security and privacy in 2020. Let’s see if this feature will be updated to other Galaxy models in the coming days.


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