South Korean technology giant Samsung is counting the days to introduce its new generation flagships. These phones, which will be equipped with Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100 chipsets, will be the second group of flagship models to be released after the Mi 11. As you know, the Xiaomi Mi 11 series will be introduced on December 29 and will come as the first models to support Snapdragon 888. Later, we will have the opportunity to meet the Galaxy S21 series. Now let’s put these aside and take a look at the new leaks that have emerged about the Galaxy S21 series. There are new news today about the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which almost all sources have shared in the last few weeks. We think everyone knows why the S21 Ultra has been discussed so much. Because it plays a role as the biggest factor in the end of the Note series.


As you remember, some people were saying that the Galaxy S21 Ultra model will support the S-pen pen. We even had the opportunity to come across a few images related to this. However, later reports emerged that the Note series will not end and the S21 Ultra will not have S-pen support. But now, everything is rewritten and the future of the S21 Ultra with the S-pen has been approved by the FCC certification site.

Visiting the FCC certification site today, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has thus revealed that it will have S-pen support. The s-pen stylus, approved in the FCC, will support a browse function to switch music and browse files, which are included in the Note series. At least the official certificate says this will be the case. However, the source also mentions that the S21 Ultra will not have S-pennies on it. So the result that will come out of here shows that the s-pen that will be supported in the S21 Ultra can be purchased separately. As you remember, there were news in the past months that s-pen would be purchased according to preference. Considering the certificate reports released today, we can easily say that these claims have a high degree of accuracy.

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The FCC list also includes the S21 Ultra; It reveals that it will support a few more features like Wifi 6E, UWB chip, reverse wireless charging and so on.


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