It seems that an annoying situation has arisen on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which was offered for sale in our country about a month ago. We take a look at the problem.



According to a report on the SamMobile site, some S21 Ultra users have experienced a loud speaker problem. Speeches from official community forums alleged that the problem was caused by the speaker above, in particular.


Galaxy S21 Ultra is on the agenda with speaker problem

As you know, GalaxyS21 Ultra has two speakers, one at the bottom and one at the top of the handset. According to users’ reports, the problem stems from the upper speaker and occurs in three different ways.

In the first scenario, there is a lot of scratchy sound coming from the speaker, in the second the sound in the speaker is low, and in the third, the sound is distorted. Some phone owners have contacted Samsung and made product changes.

Although it is not yet known what caused the problem, it is estimated to be hardware related. The positive thing is that this has affected very few GalaxyS21 Ultra users. It is normal to see such problems in some series in Galaxy S21 models, which have such a large production. The important thing is that Samsung will change the devices of those who have the problem without wasting time and make the necessary explanation about the issue.

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When I started with some friends around me who bought GalaxyS21 Ultra, I asked if they had any issues with the top speaker. All four friends with whom I addressed the problem stated that the speaker is suitable for its purpose, that is, it works without any problems.


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