The display technology called Low-power OLED aims to reduce energy consumption without impairing quality by further accelerating the flow of electrons between organic layers.

Samsung, which has come to a position where no water can be spilled on mobile OLED displays, is again talking about its experience. The Galaxy S21 Ultra model featured low-power OLED display technology for the first time.

What is Low-power OLED?
The new screen technology, which we can call as low-power OLED, achieves much better image quality while at the same time increasing energy efficiency. This results in an impressive and low-power display. It will be exclusive to the Galaxy S21 Ultra in its low-power OLED form.

OLED screens are built on organic materials that can illuminate themselves. Thus, it does not need a separate light source, consumes less energy and obtains more vivid colors.

In Samsung’s new technology, the flow of electrons between specially developed organic layers is made faster and easier. Thus, energy efficiency can be increased without sacrificing quality.

Low-power OLED screens will be used in other models, no explanation has yet been made. Considering the claims that the Galaxy Note series will not be this year, we can say that the Galaxy S21 Ultra model will carry this privilege for a long time.


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