Samsung’s strategy in Asia and Europe seems to undergo a new change. As you know, the Korean manufacturer will soon launch the Galaxy S21 series. However, these devices will be equipped with different processors in Asia and Europe. In other words, it will reach some countries with Snapdragon 888, while others will go with Exynos 2100. Everyone is aware of this already. However, there will be another privilege apart from these. According to allegations, the Galaxy S21 Ultra model will not create awareness only with its processor.

According to some reports from foreign sources today, Samsung will differentiate one more feature in the Galaxy S21 Ultra. So, in addition to the processors, we will see a significant change in the sim card tray. Now everyone is thinking about how a change can happen? Trustworthy people, of course, clarify this issue. So question marks in the head do not remain unanswered.

According to the sources, the S21 Ultra model; While it comes to European countries with dual SIM support, it will come with single SIM support to Asian countries. To clarify the matter a little more, Samsung will allow users in Europe to use the phone with dual SIM. However, users in Asia will unfortunately only be able to use their devices with a single SIM. They will have microSD card support in a part of the sim card slot.

To sum up, European users who own the S21 Ultra will use the device with dual sim, but will not have microSD card support. Users in Asia will use the device as a single sim, but will have the ability to increase storage with a microSD card. The subject will be all about that.

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Let’s see what more surprises will the S21 series to be introduced in January? Let’s wait and see.

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