Galaxy S21 Ultra News: Looks like Samsung overdid it. The second update in a week has been released for the flagship phone Galaxy S21 Ultra.


It is a fact that no one has been able to pour water into Samsung’s hands when it comes to updating recently. The technology giant, which publishes monthly updates even before Google, could not get its speed and started to be included in the second updates in June. The second update this month was released for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21.

Camera Focused Update for Galaxy S21 Ultra

Focusing on security-oriented improvements in the first update, Samsung puts camera improvements on its agenda when it comes to the second update. The update released for the Galaxy S21 series carries the G99xBXXU3AUF2 version number and can be downloaded first by users in South Asian countries.

Samsung has recently released numerous camera updates for the S21 series. With all these updates, a serious camera performance increase is observed, especially in the Ultra model. In the review and comparison videos made by independent channels and organizations, it shows a performance that shows that the S21 Ultra does not deserve the score given by DxOMark. In the review by DxOMark, the S21 Ultra scored 121, lagging even behind its predecessor, the S20 Ultra. Even the video performance of the Redmi Note 10 Pro is better than the S21 Ultra, according to the site.


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