South Korean Samsung came out with its new flagship family Galaxy S21 exactly one month earlier than expected this year. The phone, which attracted attention with its 8K resolution and 30 FPS video, managed to throw stones against its competitors. However, Samsung wants to raise the bar even further with the Galaxy S22 family.



Galaxy S22 could revolutionize video

According to the information transferred; Samsung has started working on the Galaxy S22 to shoot video at 60 FPS in 8K resolution. Samsung, which is not known to support this feature on the processor side, may have great difficulties in storage.

Only 1 minute of 8K resolution videos at 60 FPS will take up more than 10 GB of space on the phone. That’s why it is said that the base models will start from 256 GB next year. We can even see 1 TB of internal storage in flagship models in 2022.

Samsung, which is expected to make a big revolution in the camera, seems not to be able to eat bread from the marketing of 108 MP anymore. Probably with a better quality lens, there will be great advances in the field of camera on the phone.

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Samsung is expected to introduce its new flagship family again in January 2022. Samsung, which will come out with 3 different models, can now bring the S-Pen support to the main model. With the S-Pen coming to the S family, the Note family is no longer needed. The Galaxy Note 21, which will probably be introduced this year, will be the last Note series.


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