Samsung’s popular foldable screen smartphone is almost reborn with the reborn Galaxy Z Fold 2 One UI 3.1 update.


Samsung’s folding screen model Galaxy Z Fold 2 was upgraded to the One UI 3.0 user interface with Android 11 last month. Now, Galaxy Z Fold 2 One UI 3.1 update is here.

Starting to distribute the One UI 3.1 update in Z Fold 2 after the Galaxy Z Fold model, Samsung aims to make multitasking easier and to use the phone more efficiently. Now let’s briefly take a look at the innovations that have come.

With One UI 3.1, the multitasking tab is made more functional. On Galaxy Z Fold 2, users can now instantly return to up to three previously opened Highly Active Windows on the Home Screen. They can also bring two Very Active Windows directly from the Home Screen to the Cover Screen.

You can also open a Multi Window directly from the notifications in the Quick Panel by long pressing the relevant notification and then dragging and dropping it onto the screen. Additionally, notifications in the Quick Panel will now be displayed in a categorized way, and you can quickly switch between different media controls with swipe gestures in the Quick Panel.

With One UI 3.1, Samsung will synchronize the weather widgets on the main and cover screens to provide users with the same information, while also allowing them to turn off these screens with a double tap or a palm touch.

It is not unnoticed that Samsung has also made some improvements in the Camera application. Flexible Mode allows you to adjust the position of the camera controllers while shooting, which promises an easier use according to your grip angle.

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Also, when making a video call in Flex Mode, you can now fill the top half of the screen with the video of the other person. In addition to all these improvements, Samsung updated the Light and Dark themes in Galaxy Z Fold 2 with One UI 3.1 and redesigned the vertical volume controller to reduce the visual clutter of the screen.

It is expected that the distribution of One UI 3.1, which comes with important innovations that affect the user experience, will begin very soon. However, there is no information about when he will come to our country for now.


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