Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 every day we get new information about the model. The allegations are that he uses an under-screen camera!


We are seeing new information every passing day about Samsung’s new flagship device. We first encountered leaks about the battery of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 model. Later, we found some leaks related to the S Pen. Now, the images of the device while obtaining the 3C certificate have emerged and the fast charging feature of the EP-TA800 model numbered device has been revealed. Moreover, according to the claim that rotates in the middle, the device uses an under-screen camera! Here are the details …

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Comes With 25W Fast Charging, Snapdragon 888 and Under-Display Camera!

Samsung is not giving any secrets about its new flagship. It is very difficult to see developments other than the allegations. Nevertheless, according to the information we have today, the device was viewed while receiving 3C certification. According to the information revealed here, our device comes with an adapter with 25W fast charging power. It should be said that this value is for the adapter only. So the device may support higher speed charging values.

In line with previous leaks, we learned that the device has a total size of 4,275mAh (2,215mAh + 2,060mAh) with 2 different batteries. However, we received the information that there was a change in the size of the device. The size of the folded outer screen has been reduced from 6.23-inch to 5.4-inch, and the inner screen size has been 7.5-inch overall.

Some new claims about the device, which is known to be waterproof and have S Pen support, are not returning. The claim that the device, which is one of them, will use Snapdragon 888, has become the center of attention. Another claim is that the device will use an under-screen camera. It has to be said that these are only allegations and the facts will become evident over time. However, this information does not excite us. We hope Samsung does not disappoint users’ dreams!

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