Samsung, one of the most influential manufacturers of the smartphone market, will introduce its new flagship Galaxy S21 series on January 14. On the other hand, the Korean manufacturer continues to prepare for its foldable phones. You may remember that we have seen a few leaks on these phones before. Now, we can say that Samsung has started preparations for Galaxy Z Fold 3, the successor of Galaxy Z Fold 2.



Galaxy Z Fold is revealed for 3 days

We can say that Galaxy Z Fold 3, which we have been discussing with various leaks for a while, is now slowly coming to light. Because a lot of time has passed since the introduction of Fold 2, the presence of the new Fold 3 has started to be felt more. So what will Samsung’s new foldable phone offer us? Will it be successful in design? Here the new leaks reveal the first details of the device and find answers to the questions in the minds.

Dutch technology company LetsGoDiigital has revealed the design of the Fold 3 with some visuals, as in the S21 series. In the picture you have seen above, you can easily understand that the Z Fold 3 will have a similar design to the previous Z Fold 2. However, Samsung will make the camera look the same as the Galaxy S21 series in its new foldable phone.

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On the other hand, in the new Fold 3, the body ratio of the internal and external screens will increase a little more. The reason for this is that the device will be equipped with an under-screen camera technology. As with previous leaks, this leak supports that the Z Fold 3 will come with under-screen camera technology.

Let’s come to the most striking event. Another example of Samsung going to finish the Note series is now popping up here. The S-Pen pen, which we will first see in the S21 Ultra model, seems to be transferred to the Z Fold 3 as well. According to reports, the screen to be used in Fold 3 will be resistant to the pressure of the pen. However, the thickness will be slightly higher compared to the previous model. The reason for this is that the company will include UTG glass in the device. In other words, for the screen to be durable compared to the pen, its thickness will have to increase a little.

For now, this is the outstanding information about the Z Fold 3. However, this phone will contain powerful technologies; It will be equipped with a QXGA panel with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. This technology will provide a clearer and higher quality image than a screen of the same size.


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