Galaxy Z Fold 3 News: An exciting claim has been made about Samsung’s new foldable phone, Galaxy Z Fold 3. The phone may come with S-Pen Pro.


The foldable phone frenzy continues at full throttle. An interesting claim has been made today for the new monster Galaxy Z Fold 3, which Samsung is said to introduce in August. The S-Pen, which we started to see with the Galaxy Note series and welcomed us in the Galaxy S21 Ultra model, can now come with the Pro model.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 may come with S-Pen Pro support

Keeping silent about Apple’s leveling of Stylus pens with Apple Pencil, Samsung seems to break its silence this year. The S-Pen Pro model, which is said to be included in the new foldable phone, is said to be much better than the main model in terms of features.

According to the leaked images, the S-Pen Pro will be in a larger structure. To give a real pen-holding feel, Samsung had to go for a form change. This seems to be done with the Pro model. It is said that the size of the foldable phone will be quite large, as the pen will grow and become a part of the phone. Probably a long phone call awaits us.

This news comes as no surprise, given that Samsung has been hinting at S-Pen support for its foldable device for a while now. During the Unpacked event in 2020, Tae Moon Roh, Samsung’s Head of Mobile, said he was happy to hear that customers wanted the Fold to support the S Pen. In a blog post published in December, it was also revealed that the company plans to introduce some features of the Galaxy Note to a number of other devices. So we think the rumors are true and we will see the S-Pen Pro soon.


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