The study responsible for the saga from the first installment will be expanded with 23 other positions, which include programmers, producers, etc.

Pokémon Presents will announce the news related to this popular video game saga, news that will reveal part of the future of the series. Before that happens, the developer behind Pokémon Sword and Shield (and the main saga since Pokémon Red and Blue), Game Freak, has confirmed that she is looking for staff to expand her studio. And most importantly, the goal is to create “a new Pokemon series” (or subsaga, the Japanese words do not specify this).

According to the message published on social networks, the human resources team seeks to fill a total of 23 positions, including programmers, producers, graphic designers, etc. From June 25 to 27, the Japanese company will conduct online interviews with potential candidates. Of course, the nature of the project has not been reported, which remains strictly secret.


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