The organization, which has had great professionals in the sector, awards works like Blasphemous and Arise: A Simple Story with several awards.

The Gamelab Live organization, after three days of celebration adapted to fully telematic coverage, has unveiled the XIII Gamelab National Video Game Awards, which seek to highlight the best of video game development in Spain in the last year. After the conferences of great members of the industry, such as Phil Spencer or Shawn Layden, it is time to bring up national work.

Blasphemous and Arise: A Simple Story, winners at Gamelab Live 2020

The big winner of this edition is Blasphemous, the new from the Seville studio The Game Kitchen, whose two-dimensional action title Metroidvania released late last year on Steam and Nintendo Switch has won the winner award in five of the twelve categories: Best Game of the Year, Best Console Game, Best PC Game, Best Game Design, and Best Art Direction.

Another highlight is Arise: a Simple Story, by Piccolo Studio. The game, which shows us beautiful landscapes and tells us a story of love and loss, takes home four of the awards: Best debut game Best Catalan game, Best audio and Best narrative. The work has dazzled the organization for its ability to transfer feelings through what we see and what we play; a title that allows us to give a second reading to apparently mundane aspects.

The professionals accredited at the Gamelab Barcelona 2020 have been the voters this year of the best creations of 2019. Apart from those mentioned, they have also awarded the best original idea to Reventure, the title of platforms and action in retro style from Pixelatto. On the other hand, the Best Student Game Award goes to Burn Me Twice from the Null Reference and U-tad (University Center for Technology and Digital Art), a narrative adventure with elements of exploration and research from the town of Düstenburg. In the Best smartphone / tablet game category we have Melbits World by Melbot Studios, a cooperative sofa game designed for all audiences.

Gamelab Barcelona 2020 LIVE has had the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya through the Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC), the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administrations, l ‘Agència per la Competitivitat de l’Empresa (Acció), the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Government of Spain, the Ajuntament de L ‘Hospitalet, the Ajuntament de Barcelona and the Diputació de Barcelona.

  • BEST GAME OF THE YEAR – Blasphemous by The Game Kitchen
  • BEST CONSOLE GAME – Blasphemous by The Game Kitchen
  • BEST GAME SMARTPHONE / TABLET – Melbits World by Melbot Studios
  • BEST PC GAME – Blasphemous by The Game Kitchen
  • BEST ORIGINAL IDEA – Reventure by Pixelatto
  • BEST ART DIRECTION – Blasphemous by The Game Kitchen
  • BEST GAME DESIGN – Blasphemous by The Game Kitchen
  • BEST NARRATIVE – Arise: a simple story by Piccolo Studio
  • BEST AUDIO – Arise: a simple story by Piccolo Studio
  • BEST NOVEL GAME – Arise: a simple story by Piccolo Studio
  • BEST CATALAN GAME – Arise: a simple story by Piccolo Studio
  • BEST STUDENT GAME – Burn Me Twice by Null Reference, Academic Center: U-TAD


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