The past year, dominated by the pandemic, has been positive for some sectors. According to the latest report, the players seem to have greatly expanded their budget for hardware and accessories.

Players who closed their homes due to the COVID-19 epidemic, stretched the budget they allocated for their hobby, where they had a good time.

Players opened the pouch
According to the report prepared by the NPD Group, PC gamers spent 62% more on hardware and accessories last year compared to 2019. In the market that reached 3.5 billion dollars in total, the actor accessories market experienced an 81% increase in revenues, while this rate was recorded as 57% in hardware sales. The amount users spend in games increased by 19% compared to the previous year.

According to Stephen Baker, Industry Consultant for NPD technology who prepared the report, the hardware and equipment market will grow by 3% in 2021, following the historic year 2020.

According to NPD, which estimates that the hardware and equipment market will be above the overall growth rate of the industry, the same improvement in profit margins is not expected.


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