On many occasions, it is true that the important thing is not to get there first, but to know how to get there. It could be applied in the Gamers Unite Tournament featuring Fortnite, where despite the fact that Noizy had discreet performances throughout all qualifiers, in the grand finale he unleashed his full potential and, surprisingly, he became champion of the contest.

Three victories, a third place and 21 eliminations for a total of 58 points, awarded the DubZone Esports player the crown of the largest Fortnite tournament in Mexico.

Noizy had shown an aggressive style since the wave he played in the fourth round of the tournament. However, his positioning did not reach him to take first place and he finished third behind Polou and Dosy. The same in the semifinals, where despite getting 21 eliminations, he advanced only in the fifth position of his lobby.

But that was just anecdotal for the grand finale. His aggressiveness and his mettle in the rounds of the last day of the championship led him to establish himself as the best player at the right time. Noizy swept the Gamers Unite Tournament and took home a prize of $ 3,000 in cash from the $ 10,000 purse that was shared among the top 16.


Through the official Gamers Unite Twitch channel, we witnessed all the actions of the grand finale, narrated by casters Linkin Pick and Cantor. Thus, we were able to see how the first map was taken by Dxnkz FN in an extremely exciting storm closing.

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The Gamers Unite Tournament featuring Fortnite starts!

After that, all the spotlights were focused on Noizy. A great handling of the map and of elevated constructions always granted him advantageous positions. Flawlessly, he managed to take three rounds in a row to emerge as the big favorite to be crowned.

In fact, by the end of the fourth map, Noizy already had enough points to secure first place. He was over 20 units ahead of KozerMX, who was in second place and needed a virtual miracle to wrest the throne from DubZone Esports.

However, at the beginning of the fifth map, aware that he had the title in hand, Noizy started very confident. Unexpectedly, he ran into Golden Boy just after landing and was mercilessly eliminated, missing a single point in the final round.

That gave Kozer some hope. The first requirement to overcome the final had been met, but it was very difficult to do the other: add 26 points to overcome Noizy. He tried to the end, but the victory was in the hands of Timbers Chicken. It was simply impossible to go back.

There was nothing more to do for the rest of the competitors. Noizy’s great performance in the grand finale of the Gamers Unite Tournament featuring Fortnite made him the undisputed champion. Despite his stumble on the last day, he was crowned the best in the first official contest of Gamers Unite.

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