For a few days, the great adventure of Fictiorama will continue to be reduced to the unbeatable price of € 0.99 on Steam

A terrible pandemic has dissolved the perception of time, leaving the inhabitants in a limbo in which the past, the present and the future cease to make sense. No, it is not a game about the Covid-19 and the monotony of confinement in your flat, but an interesting graphic adventure called Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today from the Spanish studio Fictiorama that you can find right now on Steam with a significant discount of 90 %, leaving it at the unbeatable price of € 0.99, its lowest price recorded since it has been in the Valve store.

A great graphic adventure
It is a traditional graphic adventure with a distinctive art and in perfect Castilian, set in a world afflicted by a phenomenon called “the new wave”, a chain of natural disasters that has destroyed all infrastructure and communications, accompanied in addition to a disease that leaves the population with strange cognitive powers that lead them to delirium and death. In his references the great classics like The Secret of Monkey Island or Broken Sword appear, but with a narrative influence more attached to Sanitarium or I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream.

About the game, we said in July 2017: “Dead Synchronicity is a modest game in its resources, but which Fictiorama takes advantage of and achieves an immersive atmosphere in which it immerses us from the beginning with everything at hand. We talk about classic puzzles, about feeling refugees in a bleak future of totalitarianism and repression, about wanting to understand what is happening and why we are who we are. We talk about a good game with a classic cut, and that’s it, in which its drawbacks are not overlap its goodness, and which we are looking forward to know how it goes on

The only “but” is that it is a game clearly designed to be continued, so it has a somewhat abrupt ending. The sequel, baptized in its day as The Underground Highway, is initially planned, although along the way Fictiorama found a resounding success with Do Not Feed the Monkeys, which they have focused on lately. All in all, the adventure stands on its own and surely Michael’s adventures will continue at some point in the future.


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