Max Keizer compared the garbage to Bitcoin Cash in a recent broadcast.

Max Keizer published the 1534 episode of the Keiser Report program he organized yesterday. Keiser’s guest in this episode was Blockstream CSO’s Samson Mow.

These two names discussed the downturn in the oil market, the shipment failures in the gold market and the future of the cryptocurrency market during the broadcast. Samson Mow also shared some information about his own developed Infinite Fleet game project.

In addition to these, Keiser and Mow quickly overcame cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash and briefly defined them as ‘garbage’.

Bitcoin Cash Review
Max Keizer and Samson Mow. We know that both names do not like Bitcoin Cash very much, and both prefer “original Bitcoin”. In the statements he made almost a year ago, Max Keiser said that the price of Bitcoin Cash would “fall below $ 100 in a year” and stated that Bitcoin Cash would definitely fail. He made this statement in August 2019, but the price of Bitcoin Cash is still above $ 250 for now.

Samson Mow doesn’t have any positive statements about Bitcoin Cash either. He made a statement about him a year after the emergence of Bitcoin Cash and said:

“Those who do not understand the economy, computer science, markets, mathematics and blockchain technology support Bitcoin Cash.”

These two names also made negative comments about Bitcoin Cash during the broadcast published the other day. One of the biggest claims of the Bitcoin Cash team was to increase the block size and enable faster transactions with less cost. But according to Keiser, nobody needs to solve the ‘block size’ problem in Bitcoin anymore because there is no such problem in Bitcoin. At this point, he draws attention to the SegWit update in Bitcoin.

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That’s why Keiser deceives Bitcoin Cash as Bit’trash and says that he sees it directly as ‘garbage’. His comments are as follows:

They said that “Bitcoin is a” scaling “issue, but this argument was refuted by the SegWit update. I don’t know why people are still talking about Bittrash or BitcoinTrash, whatever its name is. They lost. They lost the ‘block size’ argument. Why do people still support them? ”

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