Garlinghouse stated that it is necessary to proactively oppose racism.

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple , one of the largest blockchain companies in the USA, did not remain silent against the events in the country and determined which side he chose. Garlinghouse made a statement on Twitter about the events that started after the death of George Floyd.

Garlinghouse: Resist Racism

Speaking to nearly 250,000 followers, the famous CEO stated that one should not be silent about this issue and stated that it should be proactively anti-racist. Stating that he could never fully understand the pain of the black community, Garlinghouse hinted that his heart was beating with them.

In fact, not only Garlinghouse, but many famous names of the cryptocurrency industry have expressed their opinions and made similar comments to Garlinghouse. Michael Novogratz also emphasized that he did not fully understand the suffering, but was still one of those who fought against racism.

Famous presenter and Bitcoin investor Max Keiser said in a previous statement that people can show their anger by making the best Bitcoin investment. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao hinted that the best protest was to buy Bitcoin.


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