Founded in the United States in 1989, the company has started operating in Switzerland since 2010. The company, which operates in many sectors, is known for its wearable technology smart watches. The company has designed the smart watch, which is prepared to launch very soon, specifically for women. The smart watch draws attention with its thin and elegant structure. The Garmin Lily product, which can be used both as a smart watch and as an accessory, stands out as the first smart watch specially produced for women.


Garmin Lily series smartwatch specifications, price and release date

The smart watch will be available in two versions as classic and sports versions. There will be only a design difference between the two versions. The classic version has a metal case with a leather strap, while the sports version will have a plastic case with a silicone strap. Both versions of the smart watch will have a 1.3 inch LCD screen. The screen will have a resolution of 240 x 201 and Gorilla Glass protection. One of the most important features of the smart watch is that it does not have any buttons on it and it is completely touchscreen. Other features of the smart watch are; Heart rate has a detection of the oxygen level in the blood thanks to the PulseOx sensor. It also has support for tracking sports modes and exercises that include yoga, pilates, and running.

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We expect the smart watch to be introduced in the second quarter of the year. No information has yet been shared by the company about the price, but we expect it to be 199 Euros.


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