GateHub is the latest crypto company to announce that XRP support continues despite Ripple’s legal problems with the SEC.


XRP will continue to be listed

GateHub, a UK-based cryptocurrency gateway service, has decided to continue listing XRP.

GateHub will not remove XRP from the list unless a decision from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission deems necessary, according to an announcement made on January 12. The stock market made the following statement on the subject:

Note that GateHub will continue to list XRP until the SEC’s complaint against Ripple is resolved and a final decision is made that the XRP has been properly classified as a security, or until we receive a notification from the SEC in the form of a deal. . ”

Optimism about the future of XRP

GateHub expressed its optimism about the future of XRP, claiming that it is confident that XRP is not a security:

“We never believed that XRP was a” security “in the” Howey “test valid in the US, and we did not see XRP as a” utility “token primarily based on its use in value payments and cryptocurrency exchanges. We have not personally witnessed inappropriate market behavior by Ripple Labs or its top executives. ”

The firm said Ripple should be subject to appropriate sanctions if U.S. officials can prove that Ripple and its executives are defrauding investors.

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GateHub’s decision to keep XRP on its platform is another reflection of a series of incidents that filed a $ 1.3 billion lawsuit against Ripple on December 22, 2020, following the SEC. While Coinbase, a number of major crypto companies including Binance.US and OKCoin later derecognized XRP, some companies such as Uphold and now GateHub have decided to hold XRP until the case is resolved.


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